Welcome! I hope you enjoy my ramblings of being an American Expat suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis whilst raising two tiny humans… and everything in between; because let’s be honest, there is a lot to talk about.

I’m on a mission to overcome my anxiety inspire others along the way.  I love helping others feel good and realise their true potential.  I’ll be talking about my everyday life, the ups and downs, as well as beauty tips, book reviews, fun family days out and more.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and I’d love to hear about yours as well.  So, please get in touch and let’s have a chat!

Life Update:

It’s with a heavy heart that at 8 weeks pregnant we found out that baby stopped growing at about 6 weeks and I’m having a silent miscarriage.

Due to my pain and bleeding, I’ve been admitted until things happen naturally or in a weeks time, I can have a procedure done.

Being my second miscarriage it’s very hard to understand why this is happening, especially when we have 2 healthy kids at home which were fairly easy pregnancies. But with that in mind, I DO have 2 healthy kids at home and I am forever grateful for that.

My heart goes out to anyone going through or suffering from a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. Break the silence and talk to one another about your loss. It truly helps in remembering them and helps the healing process.

As much as my heart aches for the two children I never met I’m beyond blessed for the two I’m very lucky to have.

I had a follow-up scan today and unfortunately, the sac is still there. I will be admitted on Thursday for treatment to hopefully allow the remainder to come away naturally. If this doesn’t work then I will have to be booked in for surgery.

As much as I want this to be over so I can begin to heal physically and emotionally, it’s all part of a bigger and better plan. I know in the end, whatever happens, will be for the best possible reason, even if this is a bit of a crappy chapter in my life.

To anyone else struggling with life, remember this is a small bump in a very long journey and as long as you will it to get better, it will.

It’s been confirmed that everything has come away and my body, mind and soul can heal. Although I’ve been through this experience before it was before I even realised I was pregnant. This time I was further along, and as much as I learned about myself, I learned a lot more about other people. I cannot express how much you all mean to me.

Your genuine compassion has filled me with so much love and warmth. Your offers for conversation, cups of tea, and even looking after our kids have not gone unnoticed.

You are the real, pure kindness that this society needs. So, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you.